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1. Pixar releases the first clip from Sanjay’s Super Team

The first clip from Sanjay’s Super Team, the new Pixar short playing ahead of The Good Dinosaur, is released. It is directed by Sanjay Patel and produced by Nicole Paradis Grindle.

2. Casette Girl in full 3D CG with 2D graphic rendering


The short film series “Japan Anima(tor)’s Exhibition” continues on NicoNico. It is organized by Studio Khara (known for Evangelion) and Dwango (internet streaming media). Its Episode 35 “Casette Girl” is released on 9 October. It is made in full 3D CG with 2D graphic rendering. They are showing amazing skills. The short film can be watched on their website.


3. Aardman create CG animated ad for the Global Goals

Aardman partnered with SAWA Global Cinema Advertising Association, Project Everyone and BBH on creating the first global ad, titled #WEHAVEAPLAN TELL EVERYONE. The Global Goals are a series of 17 targets to end poverty, fight inequality and injustice and tackle climate change for everyone by 2030.


4. “Animemirai Plus” for learning animation movements on iPhone and iPad


Anime Mirai, an annual project funded by the Japanese government’s Agency for Cultural Affairs to support training animators, released new App called “Animemirai Plus” for iPhone and iPad. It uses key animations and other original materials from Wasurenagusa that was produced by Production I.G. It helps users to learn the basics of animation movements.




5. Where’s the Dragon?, CG animated feature, launches in China

Animation World Network reported that Where’s the Dragon? is set to premiere in Beijing on October 14, with nationwide release set for October 23.


6. Amazon announces six animated pilots

Amazon announced the line-up for its fall kids pilot season which is scheduled to debut later this year on Amazon Video in the US, UK, Germany, Austria and Japan.

Six titles are:

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (for preschool-aged children)

The Numberlys (for preschool-aged children)

Danger & Eggs (for children ages 6-11; animated)

Eddie of the Realms Eternal (for children ages 6-11; animated)

Everstar (for children ages 6-11; animated)

Yoyotoki HappyEars! (for children ages 6-11; animated)


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