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1. Folivari, WINDS and Cyber Group Studios to co-produce Menino and the Children of the World


Folivari, Winds and Cyber Group Studios announced the co-production of Menino and the Children of the World, a hybrid series combining animation and live action. It aims at children aged 4 – 7 years old. It is 52 x 7 minutes series, created by Folivari’s Didier Brunner who is well known for The Old Lady and the Pigeons, The Triplets of Belleville, Brendan and Ernest and Celestine. The series follow the adventures of Menino, a little animated boy. In each episode, he travels around the world to visit places such as a traditional meal in the remote mountains of western China, the Kenyan savannah, and canoe fishing in the Indian Ocean. The series concept brings together two films in one single program. The first is a documentary film On The Way to School, which received the César for Best Documentary in 2014, and the second is an animated film, The Boy and the World by Alé Abreu, which received multiple awards such as the Cristal for Best Feature Film at Annecy Festival and was also nominated for the Oscar as Best Animated Feature in 2016.

2. Animated series of best-selling Australian book series ALICE-MIRANDA in development


SLR Productions has commenced development on Alice-Miranda, a best-selling and multi-award winning Australian children’s book series from Author Jacqueline Harvey. The book series has been a big success in Australia with 650,000 copies sold locally. It is also published in over 80 countries including the UK, North America, Indonesia, Turkey and Brazil. SLR Productions, along with partner ZDF Enterprises, will develop the Alice-Miranda books into a 26 x 30 minutes animated television series, which will be aimed at the 6 to 9 year old audience.  Australia’s NINE Network will be the local broadcaster.

3. A new animated comedy MY BIG RED HEAD


London based animation company Lupus Films is teaming up with co-producer and distributor Tricon Kids & Family to develop My Big Red Head, a potential co-production project with Disney XD EMEA. It is 52 x 11 minutes animated series. Aimed at 8 – 12 year olds, My Big Red Head will follow the animated antics of the Mayhems – a family living in Greensville, Pennsylvania, USA. In many respects the Mayhems are just like an ordinary family except Dad (Bub) is a Chaos Monster, which means that the three Mayhem children are half-human, half-monster hybrids.

4. Disney•Pixar – PIPER new stills


Directed by Alan Barillaro and produced by Marc Sondheimer, Piper, the new short from Pixar Animation Studios, tells the story of a hungry sandpiper hatchling who ventures from her nest for the first time to dig for food by the shoreline. Piper will debut in UK cinemas with Finding Dory on 29 July 2016.



5. BRIDGING THE GAP – THE 13 projects are selected

Bridging the Gap – Animation Lab, which will be held from 18 to 23 July in Valencia (Spain), announced the projects that will participate in its second edition. A total of 13 projects have been selected to participate in Bridging the Gap 2016.

[The feature films]

The Other Shape by Diego Felipe Guzmán (Colombia)

Wings by Tim Argall (Lithuania)

Faery by Angcoy Crisologo (Philippines)

ALMI by Tewodros Kifle (Ethiopia)

Elsewhere by Ward Saleh (France/Siria)

[The series]

Jail by Catalina Vásquez (Colombia)

Chakay, Crossing the Bridge by Daniel Jacome (Ecuador)

Dinosaurs in the sky by Amanda Richardson (United Kingdom/Brazil)

My name is Peligro by Juan Valbuena (Venezuela/Panama)

Raffi by Santiago O´Ryan & Ricardo Villavicencio (Chile)

Berks by Javier de la Chica (Spain)

Villains Campus by David Colomer (Spain)

The Wind-ups by Irene Chica (Spain)


The 40th edition of Annecy International Animated Film Festival was successfully held from 13 to 18 June 2016. The event had 9,153 badgeholders (up 10.3% compared to 2015), with 85 countries represented and around 500 films screened during the Festival. The Mifa alone drew 2,800 badgeholders (up 4.5% vs 2015), which marked its highest record over the last 12 years. We’ll begin publishing our articles covering Annecy 2016 with special interviews in the coming weeks on our special page dedicated to Annecy 2016. Please look out for it.

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