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1. The first animated YouTuber from Brazil

Combo Estúdio, headquartered in Brazil, has released Any Malu, the first animated character as a YouTuber, on YouTube. Any Malu talks about her daily life and interacts with viewers just like a YouTuber out there(Picture1 and 2).

Any Malu’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJMROhV7kUAP_VhUwSi5SoQ

ComboEstúdio: http://www.comboestudio.com.br/site/eng/#oComeco

Picture 1

Picture 2

2. Mecha animation to advertise a residential area in Japan

Mitsui Fudosan Residential in Japan released the first episode from an animated series Chou Kidou Gaiku Kashiwa-no-ha. It is an animated commercial with three episodes. It has a lot of mechanic actions. The team of Oscar nominated short film Tsukumo re-gathered, including the director Shuhei Morita, for this project.

Official website: http://www.kashiwanoha-robot.jp/

3. Pre-school animated series The Day Henry Met? will become available on US-based e-learning App for kids

Several sources reported that Curious World, a US based subscription service that delivers a library of early learning, acquired The Day Henry Met?. The Day Henry Met? is produced by Irish animation company Wiggleywoo and won The Pulcinella Award for Best European Work at the Cartoons on The Bay in Italy, international television and cross-media animation festival. It is going to be included into a curated collection of videos, games and eBooks of Curious World.

Curious World: https://www.curiousworld.com/

The Day Henry Met?: http://www.thedayhenrymet.com/

4. Fox released Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe Animated Short

Fox released Cosmic Scrat-tastrophe animated short, where Scrat journeys the universe and creates his own version of the Big Bang, which could have huge consequences for Ice Age and the rest of the world. It is shown in 2D and 3D exclusively with The Peanuts Movie in the US theatres on 6th November . Ice Age: Collision Course will open in theatres on 22nd July, 2016.

Ice Age: http://www.iceagemovies.com/home

5. Production of GENOCIDAL ORGAN continues

After the bankruptcy of Manglobe studio in Japan, it was not clear what would happen to the production of a film GENOCIDAL ORGAN, a part of Project Itoh. A team Project Itoh announced that its production continues under the new animation production studio Geno Studio. It was also announced that Haoliners studio is going to be a part of production team. Haoliners studio is the Japanese subsidiary of Chinese animation studio.

6. “European Animation Pride Awards” created

Animation magazine and Cartoon Brew reported that “European Animation Pride Awards” was created. It aims to fill gaps left by existing film awards for specific countries. It is planed to include between fifteen and twenty categories in the ceremony aiming to present in December of 2017. Peter Lord, co-founder of Aardman, is appointed as the association’s president.

7. Alibaba group will acquire Youku Tudou

It is announced that Alibaba group, the Chinese online and mobile commerce company, and Youku Tudou entered into definitive merger agreement. Youku Tudou is a leading multi-screen entertainment and media company in China and distributing a number of Japanese animation series on their platform.

Press Release: http://ir.youku.com/phoenix.zhtml?c=241246&p=irol-newsArticle&id=2107902

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