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In the Annecy International Animated Film Festival 2016 (Annecy 2016), French animation is going to be in the spotlight for the first time under the theme of “French animation-the mirror effect”. It will be presented as a reflection of how the world perceives French animation. In this article, we take a close look at the programs.

For those who are interested in French animation, this would be the best program to learn about French animations from various angles. 13 programs and 5 documentaries will be presented and a Panel Discussion will be held.

13 programs

1: The Classics’ Classics

7 French classic animation shorts, which were released between 1908 and 1999, will be played.

2: Rhythm, Chaos and the Universe

Wiktoria Pelzer, Film Programmer at Crossing Europe Film Festival, will present 13 animations which she selected to pay homage to her favorite arts of sounds and images.

3: View from Hollywood

The selections by Ron Diamond will be presented. 10 shorts will be screened.

4: Animated Scores

Composer Andrea Martignoni has prepared this programme to highlight the importance of music that plays in French animated shorts. He selected 7 shorts.

5: Small Screen Giants

This will feature TV series for children from the 1960s to today. You can watch 10 great TV series.

6: Specials

It is the screening of two TV Specials, Houndini and Verte.

7: The Best from Schools

Shelley Page, Head of International Outreach at DreamWorks, picked up 15 graduation films in the past 15 years from 9 different schools to celebrate the diversity of talents from France.

8: The Invisible Child

The re-mastered version of André Lindon’s The Invisible Child (1984) will be shown. The film was not widely shown due to its name of the title. The main character decides to become invisible after falling in love with a kind of mermaid he encounters during a summer holiday by the sea.

9: 2016: A Prolific Year

The Festival selected a few French productions from the great pool of works that were not chosen for the Official Selection. Five short films, two graduation films and a music video are going to be presented.

10: All for the Family

Matilda Tavelli from the Lani Wever Schaer: Animatou (the international animation film festival in Geneva) will present her 10 favorite animated shorts for Children that were produced in France.

11: An Unexpected Account of French Animation

Marco de Blois, curator and programmer at the Cinémathèque Québécoise in Canada, seek out a delightful visual experience similar to the films directed by Norman McLaren, director of such films as Begone Neighbours and Pas de deux Dull Care, in Canada.

12: Eastern Wind

This program will present 6 short films, which have influences from Eastern Europe or co-produced with Eastern European countries.

13: French animation in the 21st Century

Gerben Shermer, the director and head programmer at the Holland Animation Film Festival in Utrecht, selected 9 French animation shorts post 2000.

5 Documentaries

1: Le Rêveur éveillé

Jean-Paul Mathelier’s documentary Le Rêveur éveillé is all about writer and filmmaker Jean-François Laguionie including his animated features The Painting, A Monkey’s Tale and his latest film Louise (Louise will be screened at Annecy 2016).

2: Animation in France Part 1: Cartoons after Paul Grimault

Paul Grimault made a lasting impact on the French animated feature with The King and the Mockingird.Jean-François Laguionie and Jacques Colombat contributed to this documentary.

3: Animation in France Part 2: Studios and Schools

During the course of this documentary by Romain Delerps and Alexandre Hilaire, we visit Folimage, Les Armateurs, Prima Linea and so on and hear what producers and teachers talk about recent creative adventure.

4: Animation in France 3: Films with Endless Possibilities

In Romain Delerps and Alexandre Hilaire’s documentary, Florence Miailhe, Christian Volkman, Benjamin Renner and other filmmakers present the individual approach to their work, whether traditional or a new trend.

5: The Longing of Michaël Dudok de Wit

This documentary called The Longing of Michaël Dudok de Wit was made to explore the work of the perfectionist, Michaël Dudok de Wit. He will be taking center stage at Annecy 2016, as his latest film The Red Turtle is set to open the Festival.

Panel Discussion: From the game-changing 80s up till today

Panel discussion organized by the CNC and CITIA about Dominique Puthod’s book: “Le Festival international du film d’animation : 50 ans d’une histoire animée”. This panel discussion aims to analyze the factors, which helped France secure a place in the top three countries for animation production.

5 highlights of the Panel Discussion

  1. “Annecy: An event that changes with the times” – Speaker: Dominique Puthod
  2.  “The 1980s and the image plane” – Speaker: Jack Lang
  3. “Winning back the domestic audiovisual market” – Speaker: Marc du Pontavice
  4. “The resurgence of French and European feature films” – Speaker: Jacques Bled
  5. “Does the French touch exist?” – Speaker: Kristof Serrand
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