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Here is a list of trailers for 9 TV animations starting from this October 2015 in Japan. This list covers sequels starting in this autumn and each episode is about 30 minutes long.

Notice: Some of trailers are unsuitable for children under age of 18.

[All trailers and images are from official YouTube channels]

Noragami ARAGOTO

Website (Japanese): http://noragami-anime.net
Original Story: Adachitoka

Director: Kotaro Tamura
Production company (Japanese): Bones Inc.

K: Return of Kings

Website (Japanese): http://k-project-come-back.jpn.com
Director: Shingo Suzuki
Production company: GoHands


Website (Japanese): http://anime-dialover.com/dlmb/
Director: Risako Yoshida
Production company (Japanese): ZEXCS Inc.

Fafner in the Azure: -EXODUS-

Website (Japanese): http://fafner-exodus.jp
General Director: Takashi Noto
Director: Nobuyoshi Habara
Script Writer: Tow Ubukata
Production company (Japanese): XEBEC Zwei

Is the Order a Rabbit??

Website (Japanese): http://www.gochiusa.com
Original Story: Koi
Director: Hiroyuki Hashimoto
Production company (Japanese): White Fox Ltd.


Website (Japanese): http://www.ytv.co.jp/kindaichi_r/
Original Story: Seimaru Amagi (Shin Kibayashi) / Fumiya Sato

Director: Youko Ikeda
Production company (Japanese): TOEI ANIMATION Co.,Ltd.

Haikyu!! The Second Season

Website (Japanese): http://www.j-haikyu.com/anime/index.html
Original Story: Haruichi Furudate
Director: Susumu Mitsunaka

Production company (Japanese): Production I.G., Inc.

Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya

Website (Japanese): http://owarino-seraph.jp/index.html
Original Story (Japanese): Takaya Kagami
Director: Daisuke Tokudo

Production company (Japanese): WIT STUDIO, Inc.

YuruYuri San Hai!

Website (Japanese): http://yuruyuri.com/3hai/
Original Story: Namori

Director: Hiroyuki Hata
Production company (Japanese): TYO Animations Inc.

<Last updated: 22th October 2015>


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